Morgan Verkler

Morgan Verkler-Yates

Novice Teacher Mentoring Coordinator

Tuer Kennard

Tuer Kennard

Novice Teacher Facilitator


114 North Main Beebe, AR

Ph: 501.882.5467 Ext. 2241

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Who qualifies as a Novice Teacher? 

Novice teachers are individuals with less than three (3) years of total student-facing teaching experience as determined by the following criteria: • Assigned a 6-digit course code for coursework in eSchool requiring a license or involving a class taken for concurrent credit • Reported by the district in the eFinance software system as having 0, 1, or 2 years of total teaching experience. Click DESE's Mentoring Manual Link Below for additional information regarding the definition of a Novice Teacher.

Arkansas state law requires that each novice teacher employed at a public or open-enrollment public charter school participate in mentoring that: 

  1. Provides training and support to novice teachers to increase teacher retention, 

  2. Establishes norms of professionalism, and 

  3. Leads to improved student achievement by increasing effective teacher performance.

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